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Never miss a sale due to price.
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What is Chop?

Chop is lead generation solution for Shopify. It is inspired by potential customers turning away from your store due to prices being slightly above their budget. As such, we are bringing the bargain request concept to online stores.

Get More Leads

Get leads and never miss a sale due to price.

Send Discounts Easily

Generate and sending discounts effortlessly to potential customers.

Easy Integration

Only a single popup and no coding required.

How it works?

Sending in Offer

Visitors who are interested in your product but would love to buy it at a lower price will be able to send in their offer

  • Lead generation
  • Single popup
  • Look good on all devices

Creating Discounts

If you like the price the visitor is willing to pay, you can create the discount and send it to the customer right away

  • Never miss a sale due to price
  • Simple to use dashboard
  • Keep track of potential leads

Our Plans


$0 / month
$0 / yearly
  • 2000 widget appearances per month
  • Effective lead generation exit intent widget on product page and when removing products from cart
  • Customize look and feel of storefront button
  • Easy discount creation & sending to customer
  • Full Control Store admin dashboard


$3.99 / month
$900 / yearly
  • Unlimited widget appearances per month
  • Developer support within 48 hours
  • And everything from Free

Frequently asked questions

Have a question about our features? Or hesistant to install because it would not work with your theme? We would love to hear what you concern is.

  • Easy one click installation
  • Does not modify theme code
  • Another type of lead generation

A big factor in E-commerce conversions is price and this app gives your customer a chance to offer a price they preferred for your products instead of simply leaving due to price differences. Our app is also very lightweight and does not modify any of your theme code

We believe that the app should work with all themes due to it being lightweight. However, there might be edge cases that we are unaware of. For these edge cases, please shoot us an email at

Most other exit popup apps have settings to show their widget only on specific pages. As long as other widgets are not showing up on exit intent on product pages, then you can use both apps together.

Upon installing, you should checkout the Preference tab inside the app. Once turning on the Store Settings, you will see 2 major changes:

  • When a visitor visits any product pages, a popup will appear on the page shortly after
    • The popup will appear on exit intent if the visitor has been on the page for more than 30 - 60 seconds
    • Shown on exit intent so we do not interrupt if the user is ready to purchase
    • The amount of time required for the visitor to have stayed on the page is randomized to deter visitor trying to trigger our widget intentionally
  • When a visitor removes a product from cart, a popup will appear on the page immediately

The widget will only be shown to the same user once per product per day.

By default, the popup is applied to all products in the store. There are options available in preferences to only show popups on products that are tagged with certain keywords

Simply check the checkbox 'Bcc discount email to ...' under Email Settings in Preferences to get a copy of the email.

We are sad to see you go! However, if you do really wish to uninstall the app, simply uninstall the app inside your store admin Apps section.

Help & Support

Got any questions? We would love to hear what your concern is.

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Never lose a customer because of price.